110V ⅓ HP 4.8 CFM Vacuum Pump A/C HVAC Manifold Gauge Set Kit R134a Refrigerant

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This Vacuum Pump for HVAC and Automotive applications is perfect for maintaining air conditioning systems by removing moisture before servicing refrigerant levels. Use the manifold gauge set to test system pressure and diagnose refrigeration units that aren’t functioning properly. It’s the complete tool kit for HVAC and Auto Mechanic A/C Pros who need dependable, everyday appliances at affordable prices.



CAST ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: Engineered with heavy-duty cast aluminum, this 4.8 CFM single-stage rotary vane air vacuum pump is built to endure years of heavy use with a high burst pressure of 4000PSI.


QUALITY DIRECT DRIVE MOTOR: The 110V, ⅓ HorsePower high-quality direct drive motor starts up quickly, performs dependably, and remains maintenance-free for an extended lifetime.


CONVENIENT OPERATION: The 250ml oil chamber has viewing windows to monitor oil levels and quality for superior service. The precisely placed oil drain valve at the bottom of the oil reservoir ensures faster and more complete draining.


INTEGRATED COOLING FAN: Never overheat again! The built-in high volume cooling fan provides thermal protection for extended use.


UNIVERSAL REFRIGERANTS: It works with all refrigerants such as R134A, R410A, R22, and more. 1/2" Flare and 1/4" Flare inlet ports - please ensure your hose port size is suitable to connect or you may need a separate adaptor.


Note: oil is NOT INCLUDED in the oil bottle



Voltage /Frequency: 110V 115v /60HZ

Flow Rate: 4.8 CFM

Ultimate Vacuum: 10 Pa 75Microns

RPM: 1720RPM

Power: 1/3HP

Inlet Port: 1/2" Flare & 1/4" Flare

Oil Capacity: 250 ml

Overall dimensions: 12 1/2" x 4" x 8 1/4"

Burst pressure: 4000PSI

Max working pressure: 800PSI


Package List:

1 x Vacuum Pump

1 x Oil Bottle (no oil)

1 x Manual