Engine Camshaft Locking Alignment Timing Tool Kit for Ford Mazda 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0

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  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with the Ford Mazda, Fiesta, Fusion, Puma, Focus, Focus C-Max, Mondeo, Cougar, S-Max, Galaxy, Courier, Tourneo Connect, and Transit Connect. With so many compatible models, this camshaft engine timing tool kit will be your new wheelman for any Ford repair job.
  • SOLID MATERIALS, SMART TECHNOLOGY: Made from heavy-duty carbon steel, our cam alignment tool kit stands out among the crowd by being way tougher than the rest. Its durable materials are made to last even longer thanks to our life-extending heat treatment during production.
  • FOR ENGINE REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT: From belt fixes to sprocket removals, tensioning touch-ups to flywheel locking, our camshaft tensioning and locking alignment timing tool kit keeps you covered for loads of engine repair work. Just keep it in your garage to be prepared for any job.
  • WORKS WITH DIESEL AND GAS ENGINES: Our engine camshaft belt drive locking and timing tool kit is fully functional with a wide range of engine types, including 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, Di, TDCi, and TDDi. Go with this widely compatible kit to shift your engine repair into overdrive for almost any model.
  • TOOLS INCLUDED: Inside this timing belt tool set, you'll find camshaft and flywheel locking tools, a camshaft sprocket remover, as well as all the pins necessary for locking the various parts of your engine. All that even comes with an easy-to-read manual, plus a convenient storage box.