Engine Camshaft Tensioning Locking Alignment Timing Tool Kit for Chevrolet Fiat Alfa Romeo 16V 1.4 1.6 1.8

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Does your Chevrolet, Fiats or Alfa Romeo engine feel unstable or have weak acceleration?
Use these tools to fix camshaft tensioner or other parts in the motor, and then check or replace parts.
The part of this tool are made with high-quality corrosion resistant materials with maximum durability and strength,help to lock the camshafts in their required timed position.


Compatible with
2009-2011 Aveo G14D
2009-2012 Cruze A18XER/Z18XER
2011-2012 Orlando A18XER/Z18XER
2013-2018 Trax A16XER/A18XER/Z18XER

2003-2011 Astra-G Z16LET/Z16XEP
2004-2011 Astra-H A16LET/A16XER/Z16XEP/Z16LET/Z16XEP/A18XER
2009-2015 Astra-J A16XER/Z16LET/A18XER
2006-2011 Corsa-D A16LEL/A16LER/Z16LEL
2008-2015 Insignia Z16LEL/A18XER/Z16LET
2006-2010 Meriva-A Z16LET/Z16XER
2006-2008 Signum Z18XER
2006-2008 Vectra-c Z16XEP
2005-2012 Zafira-B A16XNT/Z16XEI/Z16XEP/Z16XER/Z16XNT/A18XEL/A18XER

2010-2012 9-5 Z16LET/Z16LET

2006-2011 Croma A18XER/Z18XER/939A4.000
2005-2008 Stilo 192B3.000

Alfa Romeo:
2005-2010 939A4.000