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Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal Kit
Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal Kit
Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal Kit
Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal Kit
Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal Kit
Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal Kit
Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal Kit

23-Piece FWD Front Wheel Drive Bearing Removal Kit, Adapter Puller Press Replacement Tools

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ALL-IN-ONE KIT: This durable bearing kit is complete with everything you need to properly install and remove wheel bearings in a safe and effective manner. Replace wheel bearings with ease while keeping the steering knuckle and strut assembled in tact on the vehicle.

PREMIUM STEEL BUILD: All parts are made of premium steel and coated in black anodic oxidation to avoid rusting over time. Make this kit apart of your collection of tools for years to come!

COMPATIBLE VEHICLES: This kit can be used universally and is designed for front-wheel-drive cars and small trucks. You only need one kit for all your vehicles!

INNOVATIVE TOOLS: No more need for front end alignment when service work is done. Reduce your time spent removing or installing your wheel bearing! 

PORTABLE CARRYING CASE: Keep the tools protected in the custom red carrying case. Store all the tools together and easily transport them when needed.

Front Wheel Drive Bearing Adapters Puller Separator

This 23-piece front wheel bearing tool kit is used to remove and install the wheel bearings on front-wheel-drive vehicles while keeping the steering knuckle and strut assembled on the vehicle - saving you time and money.

Material: Carbon steel tools with ABS plastic case

Dimensions: 17.7” x 12.2” x 4.1”

Item Weight: 24 lb

How to Replace Wheel Bearings:

  • Step.1 Determine if the vehicle has a trapped rotor or a floating rotor.
  • Step.2 Assemble the tool components, and press out the worn bearing.
  • Step.3 Lightly lubricate the new bearing, and position it for installation with the tool components assembled. Press the bearing into the spindle assembly until it bottoms.
  • Step.4 Fasten the bearing retainer in place using the bearing retainer bolts. (On Neon vehicles, install the snap ring in the knuckle.)
  • Step.5 Assemble tool components. Lightly oil the hub assembly, and install the hub. Attention​: The bearing installer must be assembled with the flat side toward the bearing and the small diameter pilot on the side away from the bearing.
  • Step.6 Assemble the remaining vehicle components that were removed for bearing replacement: (1)lower ball joint to steering knuckle assembly brake rotor. (2)disc brake caliper. (3)outer tie rod nut and tie rod. (4)axle nut. (5)front tires.

Package Content:

  • Part Number -- Part Size
Sleeve [A-D]:
  • A - 4.03"(102.25mm) O.D. x 2.55"(64.65mm) Length
  • B - 3.61"(91.68mm) O.D. x 2.55"(64.65mm) Length
  • C - 3.41"(86.66mm) O.D. x 2.55"(64.65mm) Length
  • D - 3.00"(76.23mm) O.D. x 2.55"(64.65mm) Length
Sleeve Plate [E-F]:
  • E - 4.03"(102.38mm) O.D. x 0.71"(18.03mm) Thickness
  • F - 3.39"(86mm) O.D. x 0.71"(18.03mm) Thickness
Bushing [G-R]:
  • G - 3.48"(88.34mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
  • H - 3.28"(83.25mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
  • I - 3.21"(81.46mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
  • J - 3.05"(77.55mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
  • K - 2.95"(75.00mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
  • L - 2.89"(73.46mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
  • M - 2.81"(71.41mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
  • N - 2.75"(69.75mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
  • O - 2.62"(66.49mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
  • P - 2.48"(62.95mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
  • Q - 2.32"(58.93mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
  • R - 2.16"(54.92mm) O.D. x 0.55"(14.01mm) Thickness
Washer [S]:
  • S - 1.52"(38.6mm) O.D. & 0.91"(23mm) I.D.
Sliding Forcing Screw [T]:
  • T - 1.26"(31.95mm) Hex x 8.27"(210mm) Length
Sliding Forcing Nut [U]:
  • U - 1.25"(31.81mm) Hex x 2.36"(60mm) & 0.78"(19.75mm) I.D.
Wheel Hub Installer [V]:
  • V - 2.87"(72.93mm) O.D. x 0.79"(20.02mm) Thickness


Dimensions: 17.7’’*12.2’’*4.1’’

Item weight: 24lbs

Adapter Drift sizes Approx.: 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 64mm,67mm, 70mm, 72mm, 74mm, 75mm, 78mm, 82mm, 84mm, 88mm.

Receiver Sleeves sizes Approx.: 102mm, 91mm, 86.3mm, 76mm.

Drive Shaft: 32mm and 38mm