9-Way Internal External Slide Hammer Puller Set
18pcs Slide Hammer Puller Set
Front Hub Puller or Rear Alex Puller 2-jaw 3-jaw Puller
9 Way Slide Hammer Puller Set
Industrial-Grade Slide Hammer Puller Set
Multi-function Puller Set
18pcs Multi Function Slide Hammer Puller Set

9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set, Front Wheel Hub Bearing Remover & Rear Wheel Axle Hub Dent Shaft Puller Tool Kit

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  • DURABLE AND TOUGH - The five-pound slide hammer set components are manufactured of chrome vanadium steel and are precision-forged with high-frequency induction heating and quenching. The highly machined parts operate smoothly and are durable and resistant to corrosion. This professional-grade set is perfect for mechanics’ and machinists’ use for all jobs from light-duty to heavy-duty.
  • VERSATILE - This slide hammer puller set includes 18 pieces to accommodate a wide variety of pulling applications, including rear axle shafts, front-wheel drive hubs, bearings, bushings, gears, pulleys, and other objects not accessible by direct impact. The variety of pullers included in this kit provides for multifunctional applications for virtually any slide hammer need.
  • EXTENDED LENGTH HANDLE - The extended handle expands the space the hammer has to pull, which adds significant power to the hammer. The handle design also makes working in difficult to reach areas more convenient. You will find door panels, side panels, fenders, and vehicle roofs are easier to get to and work on with this handle design.
  • SECURE AND STURDY CASE - The Orion Motor Tech slide hammer puller set is entirely contained in a heavy-duty blow-molded case with an ergonomic handle and powerful latches for safe and easy transport. All set parts are securely fastened inside the case when not in use. The case stacks and stores neatly. 
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - This set is made with the professional-grade heavy-duty construction that Orion Motor Tech is known for. This set is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, with a free return or exchange if any parts are defective.

Slide Hammer


The industrial-grade Orion Motor Tech Slide Hammer Puller Set is for automotive bodywork in addition to pulling bearings, gears, and front-wheel drive axle shafts. The combination puller includes a 5 lb steel hammer, steel pullers, attachments, shafts, and accessories. Includes 2 or 3-jaw internal/external axle puller adapter.

Pulling applications

  • Rear axle shafts
  • Front-wheel drive hubs
  • Bearings, bushings, gears, pulleys
  • Other objects not accessible by direct impact
  • Salt Spray Test - Long-term salt spray test for corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Hardness Test – The tool’s hardness far exceeds industry standard for greater stability and deformity resistance.
  • Torque Test - With proven torsional strength and stiffness, these tools will stand up to nearly any tough job.

Multi-function Puller Set Package list

  • 1. 2-Jaw Internal Puller
  • 2. 3-Jaw Internal Puller
  • 3. 2-Jaw External Puller
  • 4. 3-Jaw External Puller
  • 5. Grip Wrench Adapter
  • 6. Dent Puller
  • 7. Seal Hook
  • 8. Front Hub Puller
  • 9. Pulling Adapter