Macpherson Strut Coil Spring Compressor Tool, 13/16" Socket 1/2" Drive

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  • Features


    Impressive Compression

    Keep a solid clamp down on your vehicle's coils and springs before you leap into auto repair. Using this compressor, you can take a bit of the pressure out of disassembling and replacing a car's suspension; just snap its hooks into place and let the tool's powerful capacity for compression lower the strut down, smoothly and safely. It’s simple-yet-effective, manually powered design lets you easily start damping coils—without putting a damper on your work.


    Built as Tough as the Road

    Simply put, sturdier tools lead to safer work. That's why this compressor is made with toughness and finer details in mind. A rock-solid body of sturdy carbon steel keeps it strong enough to consistently keep the pressure on most any MacPherson strut, especially with the added grip of its firm locking-function hooks. That's a package that adds up to reliable safety for every repair.


    Professionally Forged

    Auto repair always runs more smoothly with tough materials on your side, and that's just what you'll get from this carbon steel compressor. But there's even more to its durable design than meets the eye; more than simply raw metal, its body is crafted from a high-temperature forging process, finished off with quenching for added durability. With construction that sturdy, you can always expect solid compression from this tool.


    Easily Compatible

    Don't fret over finding the right fit for your car's suspension—odds are, this tool already matches it. Made to hook onto MacPherson struts, it's immediately compatible with a wide range of makes, models, and years. Just make sure that's the kind of suspension holding up your vehicle, and you can use our compressor to repair with confidence.


    Size It Up

    Sometimes, it's the smaller ones that pack the most power. Though the compressor is just 13 inches long, its sturdy design and even stronger materials mean it can stand above even the larger options on the market. But thanks to that shorter stature, the tool can be conveniently stowed or stashed away—even letting you take your repair work on the go. When you try this compressor on for size, you'll find it more than measures up.


    Don't just squeeze by when you replace a car's suspension struts—do it with safety in mind using the Orion Motor Tech MacPherson Strut Coil Spring Compressor. Solidly designed and packing some serious strength, this tool easily hooks onto most MacPherson struts to keep a firm clamp on the springs, making it a total cinch to disassemble and repair them. Just snap it on, then you're good to start wrenching away at its hardened center screw and fasten its detent pins into place. As ever, what makes repairs with this tool so reliably easy comes first and foremost from solid materials: sturdy carbon steel that already starts out tough, but gets an extra boost of power from a high-temperature forging and quenching process. And thanks to an easily portable 13” length, it's always easy to store the compressor away, or even take it on the road for auto work outside of your shop. Expect nothing but powerful, hard-locking, and safety-minded compression in suspension repair by using the Orion Motor Tech MacPherson Strut Coil Spring Compressor.



    For Macpherson Struts, 300mm
    Compatible with most manufacturers and models

    Reliable and safe, with locking function

    Length: 13” (33 cm)
    Materials: carbon

    Wide spring contact and built-in detent pins for safer spring locking

    Forged hooks and hardened center screw for long-lasting durability