10pc Bearing Race and Seal Bushing Driver Install Set, Red Case

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ULTRA STURDINESS & DURABILITY: Forged from high strength aluminum for extra durability and strength, the driver and discs will last for many years and won’t mark the bearings.


VERSATILITY: 9 different sizes fit standard races used in most wheel bearing applications.


EASY TO USE: Simply select the correct bushing, align straight and centered, and then pound in and out. Suitable for straight installation on cars, small engine trucks, motorcycles, etc.


ELABORATE DESIGN: The solid, knurled handle offers extra grip and control during use.

EASY STORAGE: This set comes in a blow-molded plastic carrying case for easy transport, simple storage, and quick organization.

ALL-IN-ONE choice for your garage! With our 9-disc-and-1-driver set, no more troubles of bearing installation. Everyone can be a mechanist with our super sturdy and well-designed toolset that guarantees a lifelong quality without damaging the bearings, ensuring you a lifetime satisfaction with our product.



9 Discs: 1.565", 1.750", 1.965", 2.325", 2.470", 2.555", 2.830", 2.995", 3.180"

Listed diameter is the diameter at the larger top side of the taper, not the end closest to the handle.


Package List:

1 x Bearing Race and Seal Bushing Driver Set