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Welcome to OrionMotorTech, your most trusted supplier of automotive repair products! OrionMotorTech is committed to providing top-quality automotive repair products for car enthusiasts and professional technicians. By participating in our giveaway, you have a chance to receive high-quality tools and accessories for free, making your automotive repairs easier and more efficient.

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About OMT

OrionMotorTech began with a passion for cars. We started out by maintaining family cars in our home garage but quickly found that affordable quality tools are hard to come by. That’s why we made it our mission to put durable tools in the hands of do-it-yourself repairmen—so you can get the job done right.

What People say about OMT



OMT Fuel Pressure Gauge, Fuel Pressure Test Kit Fuel Injection Tester. Accurate readings unbelievable price what a difference when you know you have the right tools at the right price been a tech for 35 years

Jon H


I am gonna order wheelchair carrier for my suv y’all’s was best price and best carrier ty

Remy Martin


I used it to install the ball joint on a 2013 Honda Accord but I could not use it to remove it because it doesn't fit properly but the install part was pretty smooth this was the basic ball joint installer kit

John-Paul Villforth


I bought 4 2" spacers from Amazon and am in love with them! Definitely a strong product for your off-road needs! This thing can definitely pack a punch! I'll be spreading the word about this company!



I have a couple specialty tools for automotive repair from OMT and they have paid for themselves on the first repair. Summer is here now and I got my eye on a AC vacuum kit. Check them out. You will be surprised.