14pc Bearing Puller Separator Splitter, Pinion Bearing Wheel Hub Axle Removal Tool

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  • REQUISITE TOOL SET ---- Assist in the pinions, wheel hub, axle shaft and drive shaft bearing replacement on most vehicles, includes extra 2-jaw puller (L-leg puller) for working with gears, pulley and fly-wheel removal
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY ---- Comes with the heavy-duty drop-forged 2” & 3” bar-type bearing splitters and 4” & 5” length hex push-puller legs so you can remove large or small bearings on front and rear wheel hub axle shafts safely and without hassle.
  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT ---- Includes everything you need for fast & effective removal and installation of small and large wheel bearings on front and rear wheel hubs, gears, pulleys, pinions, and axle drive shafts.
  • DURABLE AND STRONG ---- Created from rugged drop forged construction and heat-treated to withstand difficult and rugged jobs, making this a bearing puller set a long-lasting and reliable tool.
  • PACKAGE LIST ---- 14-piece bar-type gear and axle bearing separator includes 4-piece 4” (10cm), 4-piece 5” (12.7cm) hex push-puller legs, 1-piece 2” (5cm) and 1-piece 3” (7.6cm) bearing separator jaws or splitters, 2-piece L-type legs, 1-piece 5” (12.7) puller crossbar with 1-piece 6-1/4” (15.9cm) forcing screw