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How to Fix a Broken Sun Visor that Won’t Stay Up

Driving on a bright sunny day is an enjoyable experience for everyone, but when the sun is too strong, the experience may not be so good. Because the glare from the strong sunlight will affect the front view. The passenger side will just feel eye discomfort, but the driver's vision is affected, which will be very dangerous because you can't see what's in front of you.

This is where the car sun visor plays a key role. Just reach up and open the car sun visor, the strong sunlight that affects your vision will be perfectly blocked. So that you can enjoy driving easily and comfortably.

As one of the car's accessories, sun visors will gradually become loose, sagging and eventually damaged and unusable after a long period of use. These sun visors need to be repaired or replaced in time. A loose sun visor may suddenly sag during driving, blocking your view. Damaged sun visors do not block the sunlight perfectly, then glare may block your view at critical moments, resulting in an accident.

Even though the sun visor may look inconspicuous in the car interior, it can affect your driving experience and life safety. That's why sun visors need to be repaired or replaced in time.

How to fix a car sun visor?

First determine the type of sun visor you have

There are generally two types of sun visors according to the installation method

1. Fixed-Mounted Car Sun Visors

The structure of this type of car visor is very simple. There is a crossbar across the ceiling inside the car with clips that can provide for the visor, and one end of the visor is fixed to the clips. This allows the visor to be swung up and down to block the harsh sunlight.

Over time, the grip of the clip becomes weaker and thus loses control of the visor. Worn clips are the main cause of fixed car visors sagging or even breaking. If it is the clips that cause the sun visor to not work properly, then simply choose the correct tool to tighten the screws according to the model or enhance the clips with materials that increase the grip. However, if the clip is damaged, please replace it in time.

2. Swivel-Mounted Car Sun Visors

Swivel-Mounted Car Sun Visors

This type of structure is more complex and more difficult to fix than fixed mount sun visors. But the swivel mount is becoming increasingly popular because this structure allows the visor to have a greater range of motion and can block glare more effectively.

It has a swivel bar at the outer corner of the car's interior ceiling to hold the visor in place, and a clip at the other end to hold it in place when the visor is not in use. But the swivel bracket is more susceptible to wear and tear and loosening, you need to tighten all the screws around the swivel bracket to ensure the normal use of the visor. But don't over-tighten them, otherwise the visor will be too tight and cannot be adjusted freely.

If some parts of the visor are broken or damaged, then replacing it with a new one is a better option. You can contact your local dealer to order the right visor for your car make and model. Orion Motor Tech's OEM sun visor replacement parts have the same quality as the original visor but at a lower price. Please check the make and model of your car before making any purchases to ensure you have the correct specifications.

Why Should You Repair or Replace Your Sun Visor Immediately? (Importance of Sun Visors)

Although a sun visor is just a very minor accessory in the interior of your car, it has many functions that are enough to motivate you to keep it in a proper working condition.

Accident prevention

The weather is always changing and you can't decide how strong the sun is while you are driving your car. Too much sunlight can create glare and obstruct your vision. This is likely to lead to unpredictable accidents. But the presence of a sun visor can block the glare that affects your vision and ensure safe driving.

Protect your car from excessive sunlight

If you park your car in the open, the strong sunlight will quickly heat up your seats, steering wheel and other objects. When you drive again you will feel the unbearable heat, and the overheating may also accelerate the deterioration of the car's internal electronics and other components. But the presence of a sun visor can somewhat dampen the effects of the sun, so keep it working properly.


If your car visors are not working properly, it's time to repair or replace them. Trust me, sun visors are worth your time and money to keep working properly.