AC Gauge Set 4 Valve for R134A R410A R22, 5FT

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  • A/C DIAGNOSTICS: Professional 4-way air conditioning diagnostic manifold gauge set for R134A, R410A, and R22 refrigerants. Designed for checking pressure in AC lines, leak determination, freon top-offs, recovery work, and complete evacuation & recharges.
  • COLOR CODED HOSES: Include 4 five-foot freon charging hoses in 4 colors for easy recognition: red for high pressure, blue for low pressure, yellow for the refrigerant bottle, and black for the vacuum pump.
  • ADVANCED PRESSURE GAUGES: Blue Gauge (low): 0-550 PSI, Red Gauge (high): 0-750 PSI. Extra-strength hoses with burst pressure at 4000PSI, Max working pressure: 800PSI. Fahrenheit degree units with an easy-to-read instrument panel.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from solid brass, aluminum, PVC, and durable plastic to stand up to heavy use and accidental drops - ideal for professional auto mechanics. Includes a detailed parts diagram and step by step instructions for DIY novices.
  • A COMPLETE TOOL KIT: You will get: 1pc 4-way gauge (1/4" male), 4pc hoses (1/4" female), 2pc adjustable couplers (1/4" male), 1 adjustable can tap (piercing-style, 1/4" male), 1 valve core wrench, 3pc ACME & tank adapters ( male to female, 1/4" to 1/2" + 5/16" to 1/4" + 1/4" to 5/16"), a custom modeled case, and a detailed user manual.
OMT 4 Way AC Manifold Gauge Set
AC Gauge Set 4 Valve for R134A R410A R22

Your car’s AC system keeps you warm through frosty winter commutes without a problem. But as spring creeps into summer, that old auto air conditioner just can’t get as cold as it used to.

At Orion Motor Tech, we understand how it feels to go without A/C - being stuck in a swampy six-speed below a sweltering summer sun, driving down the highway with every window down. That’s why we’ve built the perfect A/C Manifold Gauge Set to help diagnose and restore your air conditioner back to prime condition - because you don’t need more cars in your life, you need more life in your car - that’s the Orion Motor Tech way.

AC Diagnostic Manifold Gauge Set

A Complete Manifold Gauge Set

  • AC Diagnostic Manifold Advanced Gauges
    Advanced Gauges 4 Way: red, blue, yellow, black
    Refrigerant Type: R134A, R22, R410A
    Burst Pressure: 4000PSI
    Max Working Pressure: 800PSI
  • AC Manifold Gauge Set Extra-Strength Hoses
    4 Extra-Strength Hoses4 Color & 5FT (60 inches)
    Red Hose: high pressure
    Blue Hose: low pressure
    Yelloe Hose: refrigerant
    Black Hose: vacuum pump
  • AC Manifold Gauge Set  Can Tap & Couplers
    1 Can Tap & 2 CouplersAdjustable Can Tap (piercing-style): aluminium, 1/4" SAE
    Adjustable Quick Coupler: high pressure (red), low pressure (blue)
  • AC Gauge Set 4 Adapters
    3 Adapters & 1 WrenchACME Adapter: 1/4" male to 1/2" female
    Tank Adapter: 1/4" female to 5/16" male
    Tank Adapter: 5/16" female to 1/4" male
    Includes valve core wrench
AC Diagnostic Manifold Gauge Set Directions For Use
AC Manifold Gauge Set

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