10pc Bearing Race and Seal Bushing Driver Install Set, Black Case

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  • ULTRA STURDINESS & DURABILITY ----- Forged from high strength aluminum for extra durability and strength, the driver and discs feature extraordinarily long service life and won’t mark the bearings. The solid, knurled handle offers extra grip and control during use.
  • VERSATILITY ----- Collars/discs of 9 different sizes fit standard races used in most wheel bearing applications.
  • EASY USAGE ----- To use, simply select the correct bushing, align straight and centered, and then pound in/out. Suitable for straight installation on cars, small engine trucks, motorcycles, etc.
  • EASY STORAGE ----- This set comes in a blow-molded plastic carrying case for easy transport, simple storage, and quick organization.
  • ALL-IN-ONE SET ----- With our 9-disc-and-1-driver set, no more troubles of bearing installation. Everyone is a top mechanist! Our super sturdy and well-designed toolset guarantee long service life without damaging the bearings, ensuring you worry-free shopping experience.