Inner Tie Rod Removal Tool, 3/8'' Low-Profile Inner Tie Rod Tool and 27-44mm Tie Rod End Wrench Tool with 1/2" Drive

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  • Inner Tie Rod Tool: The Orion Motor Tech 3/8" square drive inner tie rod removal tool easily replaces inner tie rods without removing the outer one, providing practical service for tie rod removal and installation. It fits standard tie rods with smooth cylinder ends.
  • Extra Tie Rod End Wrench Tool: The 1/2" square drive tie rod removal tool effortlessly replaces the end of the 27-44 mm inner tie rod, all without the hassle of removing the rack and pinion.
  • Strong Grip Force: The teeth of the inner tie rod tool firmly grip the tie rod as you insert a socket wrench or breaker bar and turn it as needed, ensuring smooth operation without any slippage or disintegration.
  • Superior Durability: Constructed from hardened AISI 1045 steel with heat treatment, this tie rod tool boasts remarkable strength and will give you corrosion-proof service for years to come.
  • Hassle-Free Operation: Simply slide the tool over the end and tighten the collar to allow access with a 3/8" drive extension. The inner tie rod tool's low-profile design effortlessly fits into tight spaces, making tie rod repairs a breeze.

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