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9-Way Internal External Slide Hammer Puller Set
18pcs Slide Hammer Puller Set
Front Hub Puller or Rear Alex Puller 2-jaw 3-jaw Puller
9 Way Slide Hammer Puller Set
Industrial-Grade Slide Hammer Puller Set
Multi-function Puller Set
18pcs Multi Function Slide Hammer Puller Set

9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set, Front Wheel Hub Bearing Remover & Rear Wheel Axle Hub Dent Shaft Puller Tool Kit

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  • VERSATILE PULLER SET: The OMT 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set with 5 lb slide hammer is ideal for a variety of pulling applications, including flange-type rear axles, most front-wheel-drive hubs, pulling dents, and other press-fit parts (bearings, bushings, gears, pulleys, etc.).
  • INTERNAL & EXTERNAL JAWS: Includes 2-jaw and 3-jaw pullers for internal and external work to provide a variety of combinations to pull bearing, gears, and seals. 2 and 3-way cross blocks and cone-type puller provide the perfect jaw configuration for most jobs.
  • ULTIMATE DURABILITY: Built to last with rugged carbon steel alloy and chrome vanadium steel components, our tool kit can withstand accidental drops and years of heavy use without cracking or rusting.
  • INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED: To help novice DIYers get the job done right, we've included a detailed parts diagram and step-by-step instructions to simplify tough jobs like the piston wind-back process.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY: In order to provide a worry-free shopping experience, we promise a 1-year warranty and 100% free exchange if the product is defective. Includes a protective carrying case to extend the life of your tools.
Slide Hammer Puller Set

Orion Motor Tech 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set

Off-road weekend warriors, novice DIYers, and professional machinists alike trust Orion Motor Tech because we source the highest quality components from around the world. Constructed from heavy-duty carbon steel for maximum strength and longevity that resists rust and corrosion.
Use the 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set to effortlessly remove your front wheel hub bearing, pull rear wheel axle shafts, and more. The Orion kit comes complete with 18 assemblies to fit hundreds of makes and models including most American, European, and Japanese makes/models, so it's even perfect for professional machinists.
Stop fiddling with C-clamps and other jerry-rig techniques and save the hassle and time with this essential slide hammer puller set.
The compact carrying case cleans up easily and keeps your adapters and thrust bolts organized.

Slide Hammer


The industrial-grade Orion Motor Tech Slide Hammer Puller Set is for automotive bodywork in addition to pulling bearings, gears, and front-wheel drive axle shafts. The combination puller includes 5 lb steel hammer, steel pullers, attachments, shafts, and accessories. Includes 2 or 3-jaw internal/external axle puller adapter.

Multi-Function Puller Set:

  1. 2-Jaw Internal Puller
  2. 3-Jaw Internal Puller
  3. 2-Jaw External Puller
  4. 3-Jaw External Puller
  5. Grip Wrench Adapter
  6. Dent Puller
  7. Seal Hook
  8. Front Hub Puller
  9. Pulling Adapter